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Gov. Mitch Daniels - 29th degree, aka Anaretic degree

Constructive or Destructive Expression of 29th Degree
(29 degrees of any sign is a critical degree, crisis-oriented point Link)
Astrologer Carol Rushman: When there are planets at 27, 28, 29 degrees make note because this person has the potential to achieve something special. "I have had many clients who have planets at these degrees who are very rich." Link
Most astrologers agree that planets at the 29th degree of a zodiac sign indicate an opportunity in this life to complete/finish learning an archetypical pattern of behavior universally understood as a prototype.
Author Celeste Teal: the 29th degree is the weakest point of the sign it is occupying and often complicates decision making matters (vacillation, jumping into situations blindly, sense of urgency) Link

Mitch Daniels
Natal Yod
Jupiter - inconjunct - Saturn,  
Jupiter - inconjunct - Uranus.

Summary overview:  Director of US Office of Management &  Budget under G.W. Bush, Chief political adviser to Pres. Ronald Reagan, Executive Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee

  • Jupiter @29 Capricorn conjunct  Pholus @29 Capricorn 
    Pholus-Jupiter (unusual ability in special areas; unexpected results due to a gift for experimenting) Link
  • Saturn @29 Leo conjunct Regulus @29 Leo  
    Saturn @29 Leo is on the degree of the great star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion. (Regulus can confer great honors especially when the Sun or Jupiter conjoins it;  however it brings the potential for fall from power or grace as well.) Link
  • Pallas @26 Gemini  conjunct Uranus @27 Gemini   
    Pallas-Uranus (genius seeing how large systems work, innovative, idealistic impulses; can denote the mad genius determined to upset the status quo for the sake of his vision) Link

Mitch Daniels, Architect of US Debt Crisis 

by Robert Parry Link

May 14, 2011

To hear Official Washington tell it, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is the new “serious” Republican presidential contender. He’s praised as a “fiscal conservative” who isn’t obsessed with the Right’s divisive social agenda nor marred by the crazy “birther” conspiracy theories.

Mentioned only in passing is a key fact that – in a saner world – would disqualify him from holding any government office: Mitch Daniels was President George W. Bush’s original budget director in 2001.

In other words, the “fiscal conservative” Daniels oversaw the federal budget as it was making its precipitous dive from a $236 billion surplus – then on a trajectory to eliminate the entire federal debt in a decade – to a $400 billion deficit by the time he left in June 2003.  Indystar - Bio , Wiki Link

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