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Essay by SemDem:

I am writing this to you from the ER at my hospital in Central Florida.  I had chest pains at 3am last night so decided not to take any chances.  I was taken by a nurse, then poked, stabbed, and prodded, then back to my assigned room.  (I'll be here overnight.)  I was visited by a case worker, several nurses, a pharmacist, and of course, the bill collector.  The bill collector was a nice, older lady that asked if I could pay all at once.  I said yes.  She told me it would be $100.00 with my insurance.  Although I can afford it, I protested a little bit.  I said it was $25 when I was here last (in 2001).  She responded:

"Good thing you aren't a teacher."

I asked what she meant by that.  She told me teachers now have to pay $300.00 JUST TO VISIT THE ER.  A new teacher makes under $28,000 in Orange County, so I was surprised it was so much.  I had chilling thoughts of young teachers bringing their children in and being forced to cough up so much just so their kids can be seen.  I asked her how long it had been so high.  She said matter-of-factly, "Just this year."

And then added, "Our new governor."

I started seething.  Every day I am introduced to a new way that teabag son-of-a-bitch is hurting people.  It no doubt is contributing to my stress, which is probably why I'm here in the first place.  But I couldn't resist.  I blurted out how much of a bastard I think he is.  She mumbled something about how he certainly doesn't seem to like teachers. I asked her what she tells teachers before she gives them the bill.  Her response:

"At least you're not a firefighter."

She told me firefighters in the city have to pay $700 to be seen at the ER.
Teachers and firefighters are leeches in the eyes of our governor and his teabag cronies who run this state.  This is ironic since the only ACTUAL leeches on the public dole are the governor and his teabag cronies:  the ones who apparently get paid to hurt people, not help.

And these ACTUAL leeches don't see any problem with taxpayers being forced to give THEM sweet healthcare.  Gov. Skeletor pays only $360 A YEAR for healthcare!  That's less than any other government employee in the state, including his cleaning staff.

The FL teabag state legislators who rail against public servants and decry government "waste"?

They pay just $8.34 a month for healthcare!


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The List Has Grown - Two Reports

Link 10 Scary Radical Agenda Governors

The Supply Sider's Debt Video Link 

Gov. Mitch Daniels - 29th degree, aka Anaretic degree

Constructive or Destructive Expression of 29th Degree
(29 degrees of any sign is a critical degree, crisis-oriented point Link)
Astrologer Carol Rushman: When there are planets at 27, 28, 29 degrees make note because this person has the potential to achieve something special. "I have had many clients who have planets at these degrees who are very rich." Link
Most astrologers agree that planets at the 29th degree of a zodiac sign indicate an opportunity in this life to complete/finish learning an archetypical pattern of behavior universally understood as a prototype.
Author Celeste Teal: the 29th degree is the weakest point of the sign it is occupying and often complicates decision making matters (vacillation, jumping into situations blindly, sense of urgency) Link

Mitch Daniels  http://mitch-daniels.blogspot.com/
Natal Yod
Jupiter - inconjunct - Saturn,  
Jupiter - inconjunct - Uranus.

Summary overview:  Director of US Office of Management &  Budget under G.W. Bush, Chief political adviser to Pres. Ronald Reagan, Executive Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee

  • Jupiter @29 Capricorn conjunct  Pholus @29 Capricorn 
    Pholus-Jupiter (unusual ability in special areas; unexpected results due to a gift for experimenting) Link
  • Saturn @29 Leo conjunct Regulus @29 Leo  
    Saturn @29 Leo is on the degree of the great star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion. (Regulus can confer great honors especially when the Sun or Jupiter conjoins it;  however it brings the potential for fall from power or grace as well.) Link
  • Pallas @26 Gemini  conjunct Uranus @27 Gemini   
    Pallas-Uranus (genius seeing how large systems work, innovative, idealistic impulses; can denote the mad genius determined to upset the status quo for the sake of his vision) Link

Mitch Daniels, Architect of US Debt Crisis 

by Robert Parry Link

May 14, 2011

To hear Official Washington tell it, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is the new “serious” Republican presidential contender. He’s praised as a “fiscal conservative” who isn’t obsessed with the Right’s divisive social agenda nor marred by the crazy “birther” conspiracy theories.

Mentioned only in passing is a key fact that – in a saner world – would disqualify him from holding any government office: Mitch Daniels was President George W. Bush’s original budget director in 2001.

In other words, the “fiscal conservative” Daniels oversaw the federal budget as it was making its precipitous dive from a $236 billion surplus – then on a trajectory to eliminate the entire federal debt in a decade – to a $400 billion deficit by the time he left in June 2003.  Indystar - Bio , Wiki Link

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Apparently the whole democracy thing turned out to be more trouble than it was worth in Wisconsin. Link
The Infamous Governor Scott Walker R-WI - Link
 Link 2
 Link 3 

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Proud of * Democratic Governor's Association

Link Democratic Governors' Association Link

Video Link: Democratic Governor's Association
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Twitter Democratic Governor's Association Twitter Link

Taking Advantage Of The Moment 

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Governors  - Link  Artful Dodger Deficit Hawks

In spite of a situation that demands more government stimulus to boost the economy, deficit hawks in Congress are now demanding cuts in spending to reduce the size of the deficit. This effort will slow growth and throw people out of work. These deficit hawks are doing  much harm to workers and their families. - Link
Members of Congress are doing damage to the country with their pursuit of deficit reduction in the middle of the worst downturn in 70 years. This push for deficit reduction does harm to the economy and costs more jobs than 1,000 Bridges to Nowhere.
Opportunists Exploit A Crisis: Shock Doctrine Politicians

Why do so many nations have economic policies more laissezfaire and social programs less generous than their citizens prefer? In her explosive counterhistory of global capitalism, Naomi Klein argues that the answer lies in a simple two-step strategy, honed over three decades by an international cabal of freemarket fundamentalists: First, exploit crises—whether due to economics, politics, or natural disasters––to advance an agenda that would never survive the democratic process during ordinary times. Next, create a “corporatocracy,” in which multinationals and political leaders align to promote their interests at the public’s expense. - Link


This page will be updated

WI - Scott Walker  -Wiki
FL - Rick Scott 
ME - Paul LePage  -Wiki
PA - Tom Corbett  -Wiki
TX - Rick Perry  -Wiki
AZ - Jan Brewer  -Wiki
OH - John Kasich  -Wiki
MI - Rick Snyder  -Wiki
  • 1. Scott Walker, Wisconsin 2. Chris Christie, New Jersey 3. Rick Snyder, Michigan 4. Rick Scott, Florida 5. John Kasich, Ohio 6. Rick Perry, Texas 7. Paul LePage, Maine 8. Jan Brewer, Arizona 9. Nikki Haley, South Carolina 10. Robert Bentley, Alabama

Libertarian/GOP Class Warfare - Link 1

With a net worth of $43 billion the Kochs have already spent decades of their lives and over $324 million of their wealth exerting their influence.

The Kochs accomplish their goals by funding a massive array of right wing front groups, think tanks and tea party efforts. They largely operate outside of the public eye, and target their funding to infiltrate public opinion, the media, judicial decisions and legislation. Over three dozen organizations are funded by the brothers, and they spend additional money lobbying and backing political candidates.

VIDEO Link : The Koch Brothers 

  1.    Oil spills: Koch Industries, Inc. was fined $30 million in 2000 to resolve claims related to 300 oil spills across America
  2.     Anti-worker: The Kochs have spent more than $34 million to fund groups and individuals that work against workers rights, including WI Gov. Walker
  3.     Anti-healthcare: The Kochs financed the Tea Party's fight against health care reform with over $5 million in funding to Americans for Prosperity
  4.     Anti-immigration: The Kochs have given $468,000 to ALEC, a group responsible for anti-immigration bills such as SB1070
  5.     Foreclosures: The Kochs fund The Reason Foundation and the Mercatus Center, think tanks that support continued foreclosures on working people's homes

Floridians Are Maybe Starting To Understand Their Governor Is A Grifter - Link

Florida Gov. Rick Scott ordered deep cuts Thursday to programs that serve tens of thousands of residents with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and other developmental disabilities. 

Though a range of state services face cuts from this year's Legislature, the governor invoked his emergency powers to order the state Agency for Persons with Disabilities to immediately roll back payments to group homes and social workers by 15 percent — an amount providers say could put them out of business and threaten their clients' safety.

"lt's not like, 'Gee, does this mean I have to skip a vacation this year?'" said Amy Van Bergen, executive director of the Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida. "Potentially, these cuts have life and death implications for these people." Link

GOP Govs. Walker, Kasich, Snyder Plead Poverty but Reward Wealthy - Link

The Republicans complain about the pension and healthcare benefits that employees of financially hard pressed states receive. But crying poverty doesn’t stop the GOP governors from giving big tax breaks to the billionaires and bankers who bankrolled their big budget campaigns.

South Dakota Democrats started a petition effort aimed at forcing a statewide public vote on Republican Gov. Dennis Daugaard's program to continue giving refunds on construction taxes to large industrial projects.

"This issue isn't whether or not corporate welfare works or whether or not we should fund it. The issue is should we take money away from the general fund which could otherwise go to schools and nursing homes in order to subsidize this," Nesselhuf said.
- Link

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Slowpoke feature
Fire Pelosi Tour Bus 
The 'Fire Pelosi' Bus Toured The Country From Coast to Coast. The Bus Was Emblazoned With The Phrase, "Need a Job? Fire Pelosi!"   

Link 2 

Republicans put Pelosi front and centre of their campaign, turning her into a rallying cry and  hate figure. She was portrayed as extreme, out-of-touch, elitist, liberal ogre who forced unwanted legislation down the throats of ordinary Americans.

Video  ad is one of the GOP's serial attacks used in every state for the Mid-term 2010 elections produced by Republican
Governors' Association "Remember November: The Final Act" 


Saturday, November 13, 2010

United_States Chamber of Commerce Election Activities

R pickups:  (R+64)